Village on the Thames residents treated to special end-of-year seafood lunch

Executive director Ian Murray prepares crab cakes, lobster bisque, seafood alfredo and New York-style cheesecake for luncheon
12/3/2018  - Deron Hamel

A group of Village on the Thames residents got to sit down to a special end-of-year seafood lunch Nov. 29 as part of the Chatham-Kent seniors living community’s monthly Chef’s Table with Ian program.

For the November luncheon, Village on the Thames executive director Ian Murray prepared a menu featuring Maryland-style crab cakes, lobster bisque, seafood alfredo and New York-style cheesecake.

The residents loved it, he says.

“We made it a little fancier this time,” Ian says. “Usually we choose a country and then we explore that country through different dishes, whereas this time we stuck with a seafood theme as opposed to a region.”

Ian created the program in July and has been hosting it each month since. Ian formerly served as the food service manager at Village on the Thames, and his love of cooking prompted him to launch the program.

There’s a lot of work that goes into planning the monthly meals – each luncheon usually takes about two days to prepare for – but Ian says it’s something he enjoys doing for the residents.

As part of the program, residents interested in attending the meal sign their names on a sheet. The names of five residents are drawn. Those residents are then invited to the luncheon and each may bring one guest – either another resident, a friend or family member.

Ian adds that since December is a busy month with lots of activities and get-togethers at Village on the Thames, he wanted to deliver residents a special meal to end the program for 2018.

The program will continue in 2019.

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