Landmark Village toasts two couples during its 10th anniversary party

Team members collaborated to make sure the event was a success
9/11/2019  - Deron Hamel
Landmark Village celebrated the anniversaries of Laurie and Gil Finley (top) and Bill and Fran Abbott (bottom) during its 10th anniversary party.  

The Landmark Village team used its 10th anniversary party on Aug. 23 to honour two couples who were celebrating their wedding anniversaries.

Gil and Laurie Finley, who were married Aug. 23, 1947, were able to celebrate their 72nd anniversary together, thanks to arrangements made by the Landmark Village team.

Laurie, who lives at a nearby long-term care home, was at Landmark Village so she and Gil could spend the afternoon together.

On Aug. 28, Bill and Fran Abbott, who both live at Landmark Village, celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary, so the Landmark Village team also honoured them at the party.

“While toasting to Landmark’s 10th anniversary, we also said a toast for both of these wonderful couples, and they were presented with a framed picture and flowers,” Brent Hart, the Sarnia senior living community’s fun co-ordinator, tells S&R Today.

Landmark Village celebrated its 10-year anniversary by hosting a Hawaiian-themed event that saw everyone dress up in flowered shirts and bright colours. It was a fitting theme for Landmark Village, which aimed to provide a cruise-ship-like experience for its 135 residents when it opened its doors in 2009.

The celebration included a pig roast lunch, music on the front patio, courtesy of the Borderlite Duo, and a celebratory cake.

Brent says the success behind Landmark Village’s 10th anniversary celebration, as well as the mini celebrations for the two couples, was the result of outstanding teamwork from all team members.

“The whole day was amazing and took a lot of co-ordinating and work from all departments,” he says. “It was truly a team effort and showed that we truly do love our residents.”

- This is Part 2 of a two-part story

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