Heron Terrace cook Pascal Tenthorey lauded for his resident-centred approach

‘I am very fortunate to have Pascal on my team because he is such a great worker’
2/14/2020  - Deron Hamel
Heron Terrace cook Pascal Tenthorey is pictured here barbecuing steaks for residents.  

There are great employees and then there are exceptional employees, and team members like Heron Terrace cook Pascal Tenthorey encapsulate all the attributes that exceptional employees possess, says Annette Deane.

Annette, who is the food services manager at the Windsor long-term care community, recently spoke with S&R Today about the dedicated members of the kitchen team she works with and wanted to tell us about Pascal.

One of the things that stands out about Pascal, Annette says, is his willingness to come to work on his days off sometimes to help enhance residents’ Heron Terrace experience.

She recalls how last October Pascal came to Heron Terrace on a Sunday, a day off for him, to barbecue steaks for residents.

On Boxing Day, Pascal came in again on his day off to serve a family who was celebrating an anniversary. There were 16 people at the party and Pascal even made them a dessert, Annette says.

“He does a lot on his own time,” she tells S&R Today.

Pascal also brings creative flair when it comes to making sure residents enjoy an inclusive dining experience at Heron Terrace.

For example, before a recent party to celebrate the wedding anniversaries of residents, Pascal made each couple individual wedding cakes. Because some residents were on pureed diets, he made some pureed wedding cakes.

“Pascal is very resident-centred,” says Lori George, Heron Terrace’s life enrichment manager.

“I am very fortunate to have Pascal on my team because he is such a great worker,” Annette adds.

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