Property Management division treats Kenwick Place residents to special gifts

With the annual luncheon cancelled, team members still wanted to show their appreciation at Christmas
1/11/2021  - Deron Hamel

Before Christmas, team members from the Steeves & Rozema Group’s Property Management division made special gifts for every Kenwick Place tenant to enjoy.

During past holiday seasons, residents of the Sarnia apartment block have been treated to a holiday luncheon. However, because of safety restrictions in place due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, such a gathering was not possible for Christmas 2020.

Instead, Kenwick Place residents were each given a cup embossed with the Steeves & Rozema logo. Inside the cup were chocolates and candy canes. Team members put together 220 of these special gifts, which were then wrapped and presented to tenants.

Kenwick Place property managers Linda Paquette and Vince Domenichini wanted to do something special for the children that live at Kenwick Place, so they purchased Christmas presents from Steeves & Rozema to hand out, notes Steeves & Rozema administrative assistant Kendra Nesbit.

“The children were very excited and happy,” she tells S&R Today.

The Property Management team also held a draw for 10 gifts, and all suites at Kenwick Place were entered. This, Kendra says, also went over well.

“Tenants thoroughly enjoyed this, as some of them mentioned that they never win (prizes),” she says.

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