Lanark Village residents enjoy a true autumn experience: apple picking

‘There’s nothing like an apple picked right off the tree to bring back to your home to enjoy’
10/13/2021  - Deron Hamel

Plucking a ripe apple from a tree is a true way to experience an autumn pleasure in Ontario, and a small group of residents from Lanark Village recently got to visit a local orchard to pick apples during the harvest.

Residents and team members from the Kitchener seniors living community visited Orchard Home Farm in St. George to spend time picking ambrosia and red delicious apples to bring back home.

“With fall in full swing, we wanted to create an experience for our residents that would get them in the spirit of the harvest season,” Lanark Village executive director Bradley Lukas tells S&R Today.

“An adventure to a local apple orchard sounded like the perfect way for our residents to get out of the home and, in a safe way, participate in a fun and tasty trip.”

Bradley says the trip to the orchard proved to be “an awesome experience” for residents, adding he hopes an apple-picking trip becomes an annual fall tradition at Lanark Village.

“There’s nothing like an apple picked right off the tree to bring back to your home to enjoy,” he says.

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