Village on the Thames resident celebrates 100th birthday with mayor

Edith Manning receives a plaque as well as a photo with Chatham-Kent Mayor Darrin Canniff
6/20/2022  - Deron Hamel
Village on the Thames resident Edith Manning and Chatham-Kent Mayor Darrin Canniff share a moment on Edith's 100th birthday.  

When Village on the Thames resident Edith Manning turned 100 recently she had a special visitor stop by the Chatham-Kent seniors living community to deliver best wishes personally.

Prior to Edith's big day on May 7, Village on the Thames fun co-ordinator Tina Drew contacted Chatham-Kent Mayor Darrin Canniff's office to ask if the mayor could make an appearance for Edith's birthday.

Not only was the mayor on hand for Edith's special day, he showed up with a plaque in honour of her milestone birthday.

Edith and the mayor had a photo taken together, and the resident could not have been happier, Tina says.

Edith, whom Tina describes as “a spark plug,” had her hair done for the occasion and she was happy to see the mayor when he arrived.

“She had a really good time,” Tina says.

Due to restrictions in place to keep everyone safe during the pandemic, there wasn't a large group to celebrate Edith's birthday, but there was cake and refreshments served, Tina says.

Tina says Edith is active at Village on the Thames. She enjoys walking and “loves one-on-one” programs as well as sitting in on programs as an observer.

But her favourite activity, Tina says, is feeding the squirrels that can be found frolicking around the yard at Village on the Thames.

“She will take what is left over from her lunch and go outside to feed the squirrels – she loves doing that,” Tina says.

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