Southgate Village celebrates Halloween with an in-house pub crawl

Fancy drinks and fancy costumes make for a memorable Oct. 31
11/25/2022  - Deron Hamel

Halloween is a favourite time of year at Southgate Village, and the Kingsville, Ont. seniors living community's team members once again went all-out to create memorable Halloween festivities.

The theme of the day for Oct. 31 was a pub crawl. The event saw residents taste-testing an array of fancy mixed drinks the team prepared. These included caesars, a “bloody punch”, and a blueberry tea cocktail.

Residents then voted on the drink they liked best.

While they enjoyed all the beverages, the caesars made by fun co-ordinator Susan Davis proved to be the favourite, says Southgate Village executive director Jessi Pillon.

“They all really enjoyed the caesars,” she tells S&R Today.

Residents and team members also got inventive with their costumes this year. A framed painting of the Mona Lisa, a ladybug, a witch, a hippie and the Blues Brothers were among the creative costumes residents and team members wore in celebration of Halloween.

Jessi is commending team members for once again putting their hearts into creating a special Halloween for residents.

“Staff also decorated rooms and offices for the residents to enjoy, (and) fun was had by all,” she says.

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