Buon appetito! Afton Park treats residents to Italian-themed dinner

February's themed dinner night included spaghetti, meatballs and chocolate gelato
3/17/2023  - Deron Hamel

It was all about Italy on the evening of Feb. 23, when the Afton Park Place food services and life enrichment teams collaborated to host an Italian-themed dinner for the Sarnia long-term care community's residents.

Each month, Afton Park Place hosts a theme which meals and events are centred around in all four dining rooms. An Italian theme was chosen for February.

The meal began with chef Jacob's Italian wedding soup and chef Laura's tortellini pesto balsamic salad followed. For the main course, Jacob prepared homemade pork and beef Italian-style meatballs, which food services manager Pauline Charlton says were “the star of the night.”

The meatballs were served on a bed of spaghetti with traditional tomato sauce.

“Our residents found both the soup and the salad delicious and flavourful,” Pauline adds, noting that Italian chocolate gelato was served with a lemon wafer bar and fresh mint for dessert.

Residents enjoyed a sparkling white cranberry drink that was served in wine glasses at dinner. Flavourful coffee was offered with dessert.

As with every themed dinner at Afton Park Place, ambience was an important part of the experience. The Afton Park Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) team and the life enrichment team worked with residents to decorate the dining rooms.

Decorations included pictures of Italy, Italian poetry and facts about Italy that were hung on the walls and spread across tables that were covered with the tricolours of the Italian flag: green, white and red.

Pauline says she and the rest of the Afton Park team are looking forward to organizing more monthly themed dinners throughout 2023.

“Afton Park Place's dietary team will be collaborating with the life enrichment team and will continue with the tradition of planning monthly themed dinner nights throughout the year,” she says.

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