Trillium Villa resident on path to his goal of walking again

Sandy Berriault has made great progress in regaining his mobility through the Trillium Villa nursing rehab program
3/22/2023  - Deron Hamel
Pictured above, Trillium Villa resident Sandy Berriault is making great progress in the home's nursing rehabilitation program.  

Trillium Villa resident Sandy Berriault is on the road to meeting his goal of walking with only a rollator walker, thanks to his hard work and the support he's receiving from the nursing rehabilitation team at the Sarnia long-term care community.

When Sandy moved to Trillium Villa in November 2021 he required a full mechanical lift for all transfers. Today, Sandy requires only one person for transfer assistance and he gets around the home by self-propelling his wheelchair. He can also walk with a restorative-care aid and a second staff member during his daily rehabilitation and physiotherapy programs.

Sandy's plan is to continue with the program until he achieves his goal, says Trillium Villa resident care co-ordinator Stacy Nisbet, who commends Sandy for his enthusiasm.

“Sandy was very motivated to complete his nursing rehab programs daily for 30 minutes,” she tells S&R Today. “Sandy strived for improvement with his mobility and continues to show ambition and strive towards reaching his goal.”

Sandy is spending six to seven days a week working with the nursing rehab team and three days a week working with the physiotherapy team to increase his strength and balance.

Much of the work he's doing includes active range-of-motion exercises, such as weight and strength training. Sandy also completed a transfer program which focused on sit-to-stand exercises. He has progressed to a walking program where he walks with his restorative-care aid from the lounge to the dining room for one or two meals each day.

Sandy has made excellent progress in the nursing rehab program, Stacy says. Sandy progressed from requiring a full mechanical lift when he started the nursing rehab program in December 2021 to only needing a two-person lift by March 2022.

Since June, he's only required one person for lift assistance.

Sandy says he's looking forward to being able to walk again only using his walker for assistance, adding he's happy with the progress he's made during the past 14 months.

“It is work for me, but it has helped me a lot,” Sandy says of the nursing rehab program. “I just want to do more walking, and this program gives me a chance to do more walking.”

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