Lanark Heights’ care conferences engage residents, families and staff

Goal is to deliver the highest quality experiences to residents and family members
4/10/2017  - Deron Hamel

Lanark Heights has created a system of care conferences that includes residents, their families and department managers to ensure all care needs and goals will be met.

Residents move into Lanark Heights with many different care goals, and the home tries to create care plans to ensure they achieve those goals, says Nathan McFadyen, the Kitchener long-term care home’s life enrichment manager.

“When Lanark Heights hosts care conferences, we always try to think with the residents’ care in mind,” Nathan tells S&R Today.

“We provide the care conference with the resident present at their care conference, because the resident should be notified about how their care is going.”

Care conferences are meetings where staff members discuss what’s happening with a resident’s health as a whole. In addition to nursing care, the resident’s dietary, programming and psychosocial needs are also discussed.

A representative from each department is brought in to talk about their role in the resident’s care and to discuss what staff members have noticed. The residents and their family members then have the opportunity to bring staff members’ attention to issues they may be unaware of.

The home also hosts care conferences with residents’ family members. After a resident has lived at Lanark Heights for six weeks, residents and their family members are given what’s called a “first impression” survey. Here, residents and their families can share their thoughts and provide input about the home and their experiences.

“The first impression survey is a way for us to (discuss) what we might be able to change,” Nathan says.

Through the survey, staff and managers can learn how to improve the resident and family-member experience at Lanark Heights as well as how to improve quality overall, Nathan says.

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