Heron Terrace residents treated to tailgate party to celebrate Tigers’ home opener

‘There were a lot of smiles and everybody had a great time’
4/12/2017  - Deron Hamel
Pictured above, Heron Terrace residents and staff celebrate the Detroit Tigers’ April 7 home opener against the Boston Red Sox.  

Heron Terrace celebrated the Detroit Tigers’ home opener April 7 with a tailgate party that attracted many of the Windsor long-term care home’s baseball fans, says life enrichment manager Lori George.

Lori notes that while most Major League Baseball fans in Canada – especially Ontario – cheer for the Toronto Blue Jays, folks in Windsor have a soft spot for the Tigers, who play just across the Detroit River at Comerica Park in downtown Detroit.

About 20 residents enjoyed a pre-game barbecue that included hot dogs, baked beans, potato chips, pop and beer. After the barbecue, many of the residents went to the community room to watch the Tigers play the Boston Red Sox on the large-screen TV.

The Tigers won the game 6-5.

The life enrichment team decorated the community room with balloons representing the Tigers’ team colours – navy blue, orange and white. 

“The staff really felt that the spirit of the day had a true baseball theme,” Lori tells S&R Today. “The staff did a lot of work decorating the room to make it look nice. … There were a lot of smiles and everybody had a great time.”

Some residents wore Detroit Tigers T-shirts and jerseys, although there were a couple of holdout Blue Jays fans who wore their team’s colours, including life enrichment team member Kim Chadwick.

“There was a little friendly rivalry,” she adds. “But we had one resident who would not come to the party because he was such a Blue Jays fan.”

Lori said another bonus was that the party was related to a sporting event. This spawned ideas from residents. With NHL playoff season underway, residents now want to have a Stanley Cup party, she adds.

“And we really felt (the tailgate party) impacted the younger residents,” Lori says. “It really engaged them.”

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