Village on the Thames residents, staff show support for friend’s business

Group heads to hairdresser Jill Perrin’s gift shop in Erieau for day trip
9/8/2017  - Deron Hamel
Pictured above, Village on the Thames residents and team members recently made a trip to the Gift Cabin in Erieau.  

A group of residents from the Village on the Thames recently made a trek to Erieau, a small village on Lake Erie, about 30 kilometres south of the Chatham-Kent seniors-living residence, to buy some trinkets and support a good friend.

Jill Perrin has been the hairdresser at the Village on the Thames for several years. She also owns the Gift Cabin, a little gift shop in Erieau, and so the home’s activity department and residents decided to head down to see Jill and do some shopping.

This was the third time residents and staff members have gone to the Gift Cabin for a day trip. As always, the group also stopped for lunch, this time at Molly & OJ’s in Erieau.

After lunch, residents and team members went to the Gift Cabin, bought some items and headed back home.

The outing was on Aug. 1.

Tina Drew, the Village on the Thames’ fun co-ordinator, says that aside from being at the residence twice a week to cut hair, Jill also contributes to the Village on the Thames in other ways, and so residents and team members wanted to show their support for her business.

“Jill always donates to our Christmas parties. If we’re having our grandparents’ day she will put a basket together and have us raffle it off,” Tina tells S&R Today. “Jill is really good to us.”

Jill even opened the Gift Cabin on a day it was normally closed to accommodate residents during last year’s trip to Erieau, Tina adds.

Given the fun residents have going to the Gift Cabin and the fact they’re supporting Jill’s business, day trips to Erieau will continue in the future, Tina says.

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