Resident, 92, goes home after mobility improves in one month

Mrs. K's story underscores strong rehab programs long-term care brings to health system
12/2/2011  - Deron Hamel
Mrs. K (right) moved out of Trillium Villa after improving her mobility in one month. She's seen here with staff member Tammy Cronin.  

When 92-year-old Mrs. K moved into Trillium Villa Oct. 25 with a fractured arm sustained at home, she had one goal: to improve her mobility to the point where she could return to her house.

And thanks to her dedication, coupled with the Sarnia long-term care home’s nursing rehabilitation team, Mrs. K’s wish has come true.

Upon admission, Mrs. K was assessed by the home’s physiotherapist and nursing rehabilitation co-ordinator and placed in Trillium Villa’s nursing rehab program to embark on a plan to improve her leg strength to reduce her risk of falling.

She participated in the program daily, practising leg-strengthening exercises, transfers and walking.

Her rehab plan included passive and active range-of-motion exercises to improve her mobility in her affected shoulder and arm.

While Mrs. K is happy she’s achieved her goal of returning home, she underscores that she enjoyed her time at Trillium Villa and applauds staff members for making a difference during her recovery.

“Everyone is so friendly and caring,” says Mrs. K. “I appreciate (Trillium Villa) greatly. I want you to know this is a really great place to be. You get good help (at the home).”

Mrs. K credits the Trillium Villa team to helping her improve her arm strength to the point that she can tend to her daily-living activities and can even knit again.

Personal support worker/rehabilitation aide Tammy Cronin was one of the team members who helped Mrs. K during her recovery process. In fact, she and Mrs. K worked so well together that Mrs. K has remarked she would “like to adopt” Cronin.

Cronin tells S&R Today that she’s happy to see Mrs. K’s mobility and life quality improve due to her time spent at Trillium Villa.

“It’s encouraging to see — she’s an amazing woman,” says Cronin.

Trillium Villa administrator Jennifer Allison says Mrs. K’s story is an example of how the home is striving to “change the culture of long-term care” to a strong rehabilitative model that sees people moving home again after their health improves.

Allison notes that restorative care is associated with the reduced likelihood of visiting an emergency department, making the home’s program a successful preventative measure.

What’s more, the program is getting excellent feedback.

“The feedback that we have received from staff and residents indicates an increased sense of accomplishment as staff and residents see progress, increased independence and strengthening in their rehab partnership,” Allison says.

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